This page contains some useful information for participants of the conference that are present in Porto, and it will be updated as new informations became relevant.

The conference room, restaurant lunches, city tour, and conference dinner restaurant are located in the map below. Also marked Ipanema and Douro hotels.


In August temperatures in Porto are usually between 14°C and 25°C(Min-Max) . Mornings can be foggy and nights windy and chilly. Please do not forget to bring a coat with you.
COVID-19 Safety Measures enforced in Portugal
(updated 1st August)

  • Mandatory use of facial mask in all public spaces (indoor and outdoor)
  • To check-in and hotels/local touristic accommodations it is mandatory the presentation of a EU Digital Covid Certificate or a negative test
  • Restaurants, cafés and bakeries (max 6 people per table or 10 in a terrace outdoors) without time restrictions.
  • Presentation of a Digital Covid certificate or a negative test for the purpose of dining services within restaurants and similars apply on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays and on Fridays from 19:00 onwards
  • The rules on testing or presentation of a Digital Covid certificate can be enforced in other public indoor place

  • More detailed information

    Covid-19 Testing Labs
    (The sites appear in the map as blue crosses)

    Unilabs Porto - Campo Alegre (district Porto)
    Rua do Campo Alegre, 231, 1º, Porto
    Douro Médico (Germano de Sousa)
    Avª da Boavista , nº197 - 2º B,
    Lunches during the conference will be at Maria Dentada Restaurant-Jardim Botânico, in the Botanical Garden (next to the conference room).
    City Tour and Conference Dinner
    On Thursday, 19/08, we have a city tour and conference dinner with the tentative schedule below:
    • - Departure from FCUP: 16.00
    • - Walk down to the river to Rua do Ouro (cais do Ouro)
    • - Take a (specially booked for this event) tram to Ribeira: 16.30
    • - Take a boat to Gaia: 17:15
    • - Visit Port Wine Cellars Taylor’s: 18.00
    • - Alternatively, free time at WoW (World of Wine), next door to Taylor’s and with a fantastic view over the city, or stroll around
    • - Dinner at Restaurante Torreão: 20.00
      The restaurant is situated in a 18th century building integrated in the Fernandina wall (14th century) and facing the Douro River. Address: Rua das Virtudes, 37
    • - Free return to the hotel (~25/30 minutes walk to Ipanema Porto/ Douro Hotels)
    What to visit
    Botanic Garden and Biodiversity Gallery (next-door to FCUP)

    Natural History - UP Museum

    Serralves Museum: Contemporary Art and Park

    Soares dos Reis Museum: National Museum, currently only with temporary exhibitions

    Other Museums